Kirloskar Solar POLYCRYSTALLINE (60 CELL) 260W



  • High power module using Polycrystalline Silicon 5 bus-bar Solar Cells with High Conversion Efficiency

  •  Designed for optimum use in Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Installations

  • High-Transmissivity, Tempered Glass for enhanced stiffness and impact resistance

  • Robust, Anodized Aluminum Frame for extended outdoor use

  • 90% Power Output

  • 80% Power Output


Pmax (W)260
Voc (V)37.81
Isc (A)8.85
Vmax (V)30.81
Imax (A)8.46
Module Efficiency (%)15.86
Fill Factor (mini)0.78
Power TolerancePositive Power Tolerance
Module Dimension LxHxB (mm)1655 X 990 X 35
X-Pitch Distance (mm) (i.e. widthwise mounting hole distance950
Y-Pitch (Y-1&Y-2) Distance (mm) (i.e. lengthwise mounting hole distance)860 & 1360
Mounting Holes (mm) Oblong8 nos:14 X9
Grounding Holes2nos : ɸ4
Module Weigth (kg)18

Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions165.5 × 99 × 3.5 cm